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Cliff Waters Cottages was born from my dream to both preserve, and share the unparalleled beauty of the northwest coast of Cape Breton Island. My grandparents instilled a profound sense of respect and appreciation for the magic of this landscape — where the cliffs meet the water, civilization meets the wild, and where the silence - when you hear it - is deafening.


The private cottages we offer have been created over time, with the help of many amazing people. Each cottage is intended to be a gateway, to experience the natural world and wonder of this uninhabited coastline. 


My family and I are committed to geographically appropriate tourism practices that aim to preserve the pristine qualities and vibrancy of this place, while also supporting and connecting visitors with locals, in mutually beneficial ways.


We’ve designed each of our cottages with guests in mind, drawing from personal experiences living here, and valuable feedback from guests. These insights, gained over two decades, have shaped how we do what we do, and why we do it.  The end result is a beautiful collaboration that has been woven into the finer details of each cottage making their designs unique, authentic, comfortable, cozy, and ultimately, tailored to enhance your stay.

I look forward to sharing this humble and remarkable place with you on your next visit to Cape Breton Island, and I invite you to book your preferred Cliff Waters Cottage today.            


Niki Johannesen

The Timmons Family pictured on land that has been in our family for over a century

My grandparents, May and Alfred Timmons, pictured top left.

We've been on this land, where the Trailhead is, for over a century.

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