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August 2, 2020
80 car count  - It's popular!

Rated among the best hiking trails in Nova Scotia for it’s beauty and serenity, the trail to Pollett's Cove is no walk in the park.  With it's straight climb up Black Brook Mountain, and along the valley at Otter Brook, this hike is tough, making the rewards of accomplishing it, all the more valuable.

Until the early 1900’s Pollett’s Cove was a small fishing and farming community with a lobster canning factory, school and boat building shops.  A boat used to come in periodically to bring in supplies like tea and sugar to the residents there. 


Many will agree that this old abandoned settlement nestled in a lush beachfront river valley, is an exquisitely beautiful place -

well worth the effort involved in getting there.

Local farmers continue to pasture their livestock there during the summer season, adding to the breathtaking beauty.

In 2020, this trail exploded in popularity.  On August 2, there were more people in Pollett's Cove than there were people living in Pleasant Bay!  Long weekends can be busy there, weekdays and shoulder months are quieter.

We recommend starting the trail no later than 9 am. You will reach the cove by noon, when you can you catch rest on the beach and enjoy the serene and exquisite beauty of the cove.

18 km return - 5 - 8 hours

Elevation 0-366 meters or 0- 1200 feet

Photo taken by pocketbritt
Photo taken by pocketbritt
Photo taken by pocketbritt
Photo taken by Laura Chayter
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